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FUNCTIONING: 1. A DIRECTIVA Commission for the FIGKK. Composed of 5 MIEMBROS. For the first DIRECTIVA Commission, the following MIEMBROS are proposed: PRESIDENTE: Radko Balcar (Uruguay) VicePRESIDENTE: Horacio Fagioli (Argentina) Vocal: Miguel García (Spain) Vocal: Patricio Ramírez (Chile) Vocal: Gonzalo Velasco (Brazil) This Commision should be in session once a month, gathering the MIEMBROS in person or electronically: (via VoIP, email, smartone messaging, etc). The elections for the DIRECTIVA Commission will take place every 5 years. 2. Each country must organize once a year an event involving a high degree International Instructor (6th Dan minimum). This event could be a Seminar, Tournament, special classes, conferences etc. Assistance from other countries’ MIEMBROS is not mandatory, but invitations should extended to all MIEMBROS. In the case of not organizing any such event, any member country should attend at least once a year an event organized by another member of the FIGKK or other international organizations when international Masters of the International Federation GojuRyu Karate and Kobudo should be present. 3. Up to date, the International Instructors of the FIGKK, with high rank, are:
José Oliveira 7ºDan Karate 3ºDan Kobudo(Portugal) Radko Balcar 8ºDan Karate 3ºDan Kobudo(Uruguay) Yaro Tarana 7ºDan Karate 2ºDan Kobudo(Canada) Dante Castillo, 7ºDan Karate (Argentina) Hugo Arce 7ºDan Karate 1ºDan Kobudo(Argentina) Jorge Pezaroglo 6ºDan Karate 2ºDan Kobudo(Uruguay) Horacio Fagioli 6ºDan Karate 2ºDan Kobudo(Argentina) Saturnino Guanes 6ºDan Karate 1ºDan Kobudo(Argentina) Dong Tran 7ºDan Karate 5ºDan Kobudo 4ºDan Iaido (EEUU) Kimo Wall 7ºDan Karate 7ºDan Kobudo (EEUU) Miguel Gaarcia 6ºDan Karate 1ºDan Kobudo(España)
Marcelo Suarez 5ºDan Karate 2ºDan Kobudo(Uruguay) Gonzalo Velasco 5ºDan Karate 1ºDan Kobudo (Brasil) Eduardo Salgado 6ºDan Karate 1ºDan Kobudo (Chile) Patricio Ramirez 5ºDan Karate (Chile) Roberto Salgado 5ºDan Karate (Chile) Rodrigo Perez 5ºDan Karate (Chile) Pietro Bernardi 6ºDan Karate 4ºDan Kobudo (Italia) Oscar Montedo 5ºDan Karate 2ºDan Kobudo (Uruguay) Juan Carlos Mántaras 5ºDan Karate 1ºDan Kobudo (Uruguay)
4. All MIEMBROS must be concerned with keeping the link between themselves and with the International Federation, and to promote the good name of the FIGKK and its expansion to other countries. 5. The DIRECTIVA Commission should solve any problems that might present.